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Sunday, 15 June 2014


Right, today I'm going to be talking about pressure. First of all, that's a song (by Paramore if anyone was interested). Pressure is something I've had to deal with all my life, and I know a lot of people who have too. 
   I've got parents who, if you don't get top marks, will set serious consequences. Now due to those expectations, I get a lot of problems. For example, I neglect the subjects that my parents think are not important, and ignore what makes me happy. Another thing is, that it keeps me up at night. Now I have problems with sleep in the first place, it does not come easily to me. But when you're awake worrying about whether you've wasted enough time studying for the upcoming test, or if you've taken down enough notes in class, it does not help to the point where you're surviving merely on sugar and energy drinks. 
     Another thing with pressure is, that you tend to work hard for your expected achievement, and you throw away what truly makes you happy, or you waste time that you could be using relaxing with friends or doing things that give you pleasure.
     A way that I've learnt when dealing with pressure, is to use an organised method of work and studying. Put everything in an order and give yourself brakes, do what helps you study the best. Shatter those expectations, and set aside time to do what you want to do, that way you won't drown in stress and end up getting shipped off to the looney bin! 

I hope this has helped someone or has made them feel like they're not alone with pressure being pushed down on them. 

Sincerely awkward, 
Alice G 

Introduction to my blog

Hi! This is my new blog. My name is Alice. This blog is going to be about pretty much anything and everything, from which fictional ship I ship the most, to my thoughts on life after death. I don't expect anyone to see this, but it means a lot if you do. Well here we go!